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Do you need a Chef?

Have you and your family become too reliant on carryout meals, mass produced restaurant food, or boxed dinners with little nutritional value and no love? Do you want to eat healthier but don't have enough time in your day to plan, shop and let alone cook meals that are good for you and your loved ones?

Youchefs has the answer!

Youchefs Personal Chef Service prepares your meals of choice which is freshly prepared in your own kitchen and packaged/labeled with easy-to-follow heating instructions. I will create meals that meet any allergies, dietary and nutritional needs that appeal to your personal tastes with an aesthetic appeal. Check out below for services we provide!

Personalized Meal Plans

How does this process work?

Step One: Let’s Connect

We will meet or have a conversation (based on your location) to discuss your culinary needs and wants. Some of the things that we will discuss may include:

  • Your favorite foods, flavors and textures
  • Traditional family meals
  • Do you want to follow a diet plan?
  • Any allergies or foods that you do not like
  • International cuisines of choice

Step Two: Menu Development

  • Menu will be designed and sent to you for approval
  • Once approved a Banquet Execution Order (BEO) will be generated
  • Cook date will be established (no menu changes within 72 hours function)

Step Three: Purchase your ingredients

  • Food is purchased fresh the day of "Cook Date"
  • Chef will purchase ingredients at the best local grocery stores and local farmers markets to ensure your meals are created with the absolute freshest ingredients

Step Four: Execution of Menu

  • Food will be prepared in your home
  • Mobile Food Unit available (additional fee may apply)

Step Five: Stored (if applicable)

  • Your fridge or freezer will be stocked full of delicious food for indulging at your convenience.
  • Meals will be dated and packaged with instructions on how to serve
  • Kitchen will be cleaned and no evidence that your chef was in the home besides the savory scents of fresh food.

Dinner Parties and Special Events

A celebration should be one to remember! Whether you are planning a birthday party, graduation, family reunion or an elegant dinner party, allow us to handle the planning, shopping and cooking. Chef will prepare your delicious restaurant quality meal while you are relaxing and entertaining your guest. In addition, chef separates time to ensure he leaves your kitchen clean and spotless.

Cooking Parties

Host your next ultimate party or event with your friends in your own kitchen! Invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers for a demonstration or a hands-on cooking session with the Chef, to execute a restaurant quality three-course meal for all to indulge and enjoy. Make it a unique experience and explore the culinary foundations by making scratch recipes. After the lesson everyone sits down to enjoy the completed meal.

Additional Services

  • Youchefs Drop and Go Trays
  • Personal Chef Catering
  • Gift Certificates

Words from the Chef!

"As a personal chef, I strive to satisfy every palate along with providing a white glove experience. I truly believe you are only as good as your last meal and I am always on a mission to create that memorable moment!"

-Chef Youssef


[email protected]

Client Forms

You also have the choice of submitting the following information through our website to expedite the process of us creating a menu that accomplishes all your culinary goals for Personalized Meal Plans or Personal Chef Services!

Food for Thought

"Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness."

-Auguste Escoffier